Case binding is a 3 step process that marries our perfect binding with our turned edge case making to create an elegant and sturdy book. At Eckhart, we take the guesswork out. We can provide you with a customized case wrap layout so you know your printing is placed exactly as envisioned.  

STEP 1: Case making

The first step to making a case bound book is making the case. At Eckhart, we use our Kolbus Casemaker DA 260. With your choice of cloth, printed stock, leatherettes, and our decorating services, your wrap possibilities are endless.



The next step in the case binding process is collating the text into a book block. With our Kolbus KM 600 Perfect Binder, we’re able to make book blocks with traditional (EVA) or PUR glue.


STEP 3: case in

The third and final step of the process is to adhere the book block to the case. Our automatic case in line cases in books quickly and efficiently. We know you’ll be pleased with the end product.