Who We Are

We have chosen to specialize within the Bookbinding and Print Finishing industry, by offering only experiences of exceptional service and communication. Our objective is to be the Midwest’s leading resource for Mechanical bookbinding and all forms of softcover (adhesive) bookbinding. In addition, we offer tangential binding and finishing services to allow us to be a trusted resource to our customers

What We Believe

We recognize that we exist to support our customer’s business and that, in many instances, the services that we offer to our customers are transparent to the end-user. We exist as an extension to our customers and to allow them to add value to their customers…the print buyers.

Quality Policy Mission Statement

Through the use of Current Good Manufacturing Practices, Eckhart & Company strives to meet and exceed customer requirements for product excellence. We understand the need for quality, security, delivery, and traceability. With our superior product knowledge, our goal is to become a valued resource for bookbinding and print finishing.

How We Succeed

We succeed when every decision is based on a clear understanding of and belief in what we do. When we couple this conviction with sound financial planning, we expect to achieve a fair and reasonable profit to ensure the propriety of the company. Allowing us to offer long-term benefits to our customers and our employees.