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Make Images Spring to Life with UV Coating

Spring is right around the corner; now is the perfect time for print salespeople to introduce fresh ideas to their customers. Offline UV coating performed at Eckhart & Company can enhance the appearance and perceived value of book covers, direct mail pieces, pocket folders, marketing materials and many other printed products.

Offline vs. Press-Applied

Spot coating is applied using a screen printing process at Eckhart & Company. This offline application method offers several advantages over press-applied spot coatings. Most notable is the ability to accurately control the amount of coating applied to the substrate. Screen-applied spot coating can be in various concentrations on different areas of the sheet, allowing certain areas such as logos or images to receive a thick, high-gloss finish. We can also perform a few specialized UV coating applications. Here are a few options: Spot Coating - Specific areas of color or images on a printed product can be highlighted by applying UV coating in specific areas of your sheet. This can be used to bring out areas of importance, such as key text or objects designed to draw attention. Bump Coating - UV Coating doesn't necessarily need to cover your substrate in a smooth, glass-like appearance - it can be textured and 'rise' above the page. This is called 'bump' coating, and is particularly effective when the coating itself is designed to form an image on top of the printed material. Sand and Glitter - At Eckhart & Company, we can filter sands of various colors or glitter into UV coatings. These custom UV solutions must be handled delicately, but can lend a tactile dimension to your pieces that transcend the printed images. Glow-in-the-Dark - When mixed properly, certain UV coatings will glow in the dark, adding an extra dimension to your pieces. Exposing these coatings to fluorescent lighting for long periods will 'charge' particles in the UV coating, and cause them to put off a soft glow long after the lights have been turned down. Planning tip - UV coating is most economical when it's performed in conjunction with related post press processes such as binding, folding or case construction. Combining finishing techniques creates the most economical and efficient workflow. Planning your project through completion in the design stage-you'll avoid costly reruns later.

The Eckhart Advantage

At Eckhart & Company, our technology allows us to produce UV coatings with a smooth, even appearance by removing press powder prior to application of UV coating. When press residue remains on the substrate as UV is applied, the coating can appear gritty and resemble sandpaper after curing. Our advanced roller system removes press powder and employs the ultimate coating technology to deliver high-quality UV products.