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Ring Binder Design Ideas

As information continues to be packaged and presented in new ways, organizing that information becomes an increasingly complex task. One solution that can handle it with ease is a customized ring binder.

Plenty of Uses

While ring binders are commonly thought of for holding loose-leaf paper, they can be designed to organize, protect and present items such as CDs, DVDs, videocassettes, material swatches, product sample kits, and much more. This is often accomplished by affixing pockets or plastic media trays to the inside covers.


Cut flush, heat seal and turned edge are three main construction styles for ring binders, and each has specific strengths:

Cut Flush - Cut flush describes when a substrate is die cut to form the binder case. Polyethylene, a semi-rigid and extremely durable plastic, is the most common material for cut flush products. It is available in thicknesses ranging from .016" to .110" to handle just about any project. These binders are ideal for the harsh environments of workshops and industrial job sites.

Heat Seal/Vinyl Binder - A heat-sealed binder (a.k.a. vinyl binder) is formed by sealing the outer edges of vinyl around a piece of cardboard. A wide range of custom components, such as pockets and label holders, can be easily added to improve versatility.

Turned Edge - This process involves gluing a cover material to a board, and then turning the material over the edges of the board to create a wrap. A lining is applied to the inside, and ring metal is then attached to the spine. Popular turned edge cover materials include laminated paper and book cloth, although many other materials, such as imitation leather, can be used to form the wrap.


At Eckhart & Company, we offer a wide range of binder decoration choices. Foil stamping, embossing, offset and screen printed covers, and die cutting allow you to completely customize the look and style of your binder to match your material and audience.

The Eckhart Advantage

Regardless of what you need your binder to accomplish, Eckhart & Company can help you design and produce one that meets your needs. With several construction and decoration options, we can offer you a nearly limitless range of customization solutions.