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Discover What Plastic Spiral Binding Has to Offer

Need a binding style that's functional, versatile and economical? Plastic spiral binding fits all of those requirements. This style allows books to be opened 360 degrees, incorporate many different stocks and feature a range of cover styles. Cookbooks, maps, manuals and children's books all benefit from plastic spiral binding.

At Eckhart & Company, our state of the art automated binding equipment offers lightning fast production on all plastic spiral binding volumes. Here are a few additional benefits this style can provide:

Plenty of durability - In addition to layflat and 360-degree folding capabilities, plastic spiral binding is virtually crush-resistant. It's the only form of binding that has a 'memory,' meaning it will return to its coil form if stepped on or similarly harmed. The binding elements are also scratch-resistant, making it ideal for children's books and other applications where safety is an issue.

A variety of sizes and colors - Plastic spiral binding elements are available in several diameters and a rainbow of colors - including PMS hues - to match your designs. Contact us early in the design process to ensure that the color you want for your project is available.

Planning and Design Tips

Go with the punch - Plastic spiral binding, unlike other mechanical binding styles, requires holes to be punched to the top of the sheets. The height of the book determines how many holes will be needed.

Avoid crossovers - Unlike Wire-O binding, plastic spiral binding pages "step up" when opened, causing images and text meant to cross over open pages to appear out of alignment. Keep this in mind when planning projects for plastic spiral binding.

The Eckhart Advantage

At Eckhart & Company, high-speed, high-quality mechanical binding is our strength. Our automated binding lines give you unparalleled design versatility and turnarounds for both mid- and high-volume projects. Our full slate of mechanical binding services also includes automatic Wire-O binding, spiral wire binding and cased-in hardcover manufacturing capabilities. From the basic to the exotic, the experts at Eckhart and Company are poised to be your single mechanical binding source.