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Stand Out with Plastic Comb Binding

Do you have a mechanical binding application that calls for a look a little out of the ordinary? Plastic comb binding is an interesting alternative to other mechanical binding styles. The plastic comb elements can include printing, allowing books to be more easily identified on a shelf. The pages in a plastic comb-bound can also be added or removed, prolonging the useful life of products such as cookbooks, manuals, children's books and calendars.

Here are some design ideas you may want to incorporate into your plastic comb applications:

Mixed stocks - As with other mechanical binding styles, plastic comb binding allows several stock sizes and weights to be included in your books. For example, if your application will be packaged with a CD or DVD disc, Eckhart and Company can easily include a plastic disc holder sleeve using our automated collating capabilities.

Organize it - Items such as index tabs and foldouts serve as effective organization tools for your plastic comb products. Foldouts can be designed with either full-size or short panels, which can be used to create a pocket.

Thick or thin - One of the advantages of plastic comb binding is its ability to handle both thin and thick book applications. Binding combs are readily available for books bulking from 3/16" to 2", and can be ordered in many standard and PMS colors. Combs thicker than 2" are also available.

The Eckhart Advantage

At Eckhart & Company, we specialize in all forms of mechanical binding. In addition to plastic comb binding, we offer automated plastic spiral, spiral wire and Wire-O binding production, as well as a full complement of related services such as collating, punching, folding and more. Involve Eckhart and Company early in the planning process of your next mechanical binding, perfect binding or information packaging project.