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Eckhart & Company Improves Mechanical Binding Services

Eckhart & Company is pleased to announce the installation of a new Kugler Womako automated mechanical binding line. The Womako installation at Eckhart & Company is only the second of its kind in North America and the first to be installed in a trade bindery. Here are a few of the advantages this equipment will have for your mechanical binding projects:

Fully Automated Production

Capable of handling Wire-O, spiral wire and plastic coil mechanical binding styles, the fully automated production provided by the Womako performs all mechanical binding operations inline. Collated book blocks are fed into the machine, where they are punched using the appropriate pitch and hole diameter for the binding style. The binding elements are then automatically inserted through the punched holes and locked (or crimped) for closure. Options such as round cornering are also able to be performed inline, and the machine features a cover feeder for both hard and soft covers for maximum design flexibility.

Faster Production of Short and Medium Run Lengths

The automated setups and fast production speeds of our Womako automated binding line are optimized specifically for short- and medium-run mechanical binding projects - a rarity in the post press industry. In conjunction with our Bielomatik automated mechanical binding line, Eckhart & Company offers fast turnarounds on production runs from a few hundred to a few million.

The Eckhart Advantage

Eckhart & Company continually seeks opportunities to improve our service to customers in both our bookbinding and information packaging divisions. In addition to highly-automated mechanical binding, we offer high-speed perfect binding and case binding solutions, as well as a full complement of support services. Our Information Packaging division offers a complete range of decoration options, including foil stamping, embossing, die cutting, turned-edge case construction and much more. Contact us today to discover the time- and money-saving techniques that can help bring your unique designs to life.