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Pocket Folders: The Swiss Army Knife of Information Packaging

Pocket folders - also known as portfolios and presentation folders - are truly the Swiss Army Knife of information packaging. At Eckhart & Company, we have the production versatility and experience to help you create a pocket folder that meets almost any need. Here are a few possibilities:

Pocket Design

Die cutting is a designer's secret weapon when it comes to pocket folders. Pockets can be die-cut into almost any shape imaginable for a creative presentation, while slits can be used to hold business cards, CD or DVD discs and thin pamphlets. Die-cut windows on the covers can register to sheets inserted in an adjacent pocket, allowing folders to be personalized quickly and easily.

Overstuffed pockets run the risk of tearing, leaving users with a mess on their hands. Capacity pockets can be designed to hold a variety of bulky items, including bound books, digital media disc sets and products such as pens and calculators. There are a variety of capacity pocket designs; expandable pockets, for example, feature gussets that allow folders to ship flat.

Materials tip: Capacity pockets, generally designed to hold heavier products than loose sheets of paper, often benefit from sturdier material. Vinyl, turned-edge, or polyethylene constructed pocket folders can often provide the support and durability your project requires.

The Eckhart Advantage

At Eckhart & Company, we work with you to create pocket folders for your specific needs. Whether we're screen printing your logo onto vinyl, welding a DVD pocket onto polyethylene or using custom-printed covers on turned-edge folders, Eckhart & Co. offers the capabilities and capacity to complete your custom projects. Consult with the experts at Eckhart & Co. early in the design process to discover the possibilities on your next project!