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Make Your Binder a Display Piece

Everyone knows that ring binders and other turned-edge products are designed to hold a variety of materials. But ring binders can also be used as presentation or display pieces that enhance your company's image. The applications for easel-style ring binders are numerous, including flip charts, promotional materials and catalogs. Let Eckhart & Company help you choose the right easel style for your intended use. Below are some of the display options available for ring binders.

Table tents and easels - A table tent is formed by scoring and folding a single piece of turned-edge or vinyl binder cover material that spans both binder covers. When the binder is opened, the tent unfolds to allow the contents of the binder to wrap over the rings for easy display. A larger binder that holds a great deal of materials will require a sturdier easel that can support that weight. Table tent easel designs are the strongest available for ring binder applications. An alternative design involves a two-piece easel stand that is riveted to the binder. This provides the strength to hold even the largest binders and offers the versatility to display the binders in multiple orientations based on the contents.

Break-back binder - With the break-back easel design, the binder board is split horizontally (perpendicular to the ring metal), allowing the binder to fold in half and stand up at an angle while opened. This allows users to turn pages on the rings while the binder stays upright.

The Eckhart Advantage

Design flexibility is rooted in choosing a bindery partner with a wide array of complementary post press services. With a complete slate of information packaging and bookbinding services - including mechanical and perfect binding, die cutting, index tabbing, screen printing and UV coating - let Eckhart & Company be your single production resource.