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Project Success Starts at the Estimate

Information packaging applications such as POP displays, ring binders and media kits involve dozens of details, many of them relating to activities before and after the actual production. As the first stage in the planning of your job, an estimate should capture all pertinent details to represent the complete scope of your project.

Focus on the Details

Surprises are the enemy of efficiency and scheduling. Though we've become adept at on-the-fly adjustments, efficient, high-quality production often comes from thorough information shared in the estimating process. Information such as quantities, number of versions, trim sizes (and the flexibility of those trim sizes) and shipping requirements are essential details to an accurate estimate.

Plan from Finish to Start

It sounds backwards, but creating an accurate production schedule begins with the final step - delivery. Once we're aware of your target delivery date and requirements, we can "book" time on appropriate equipment and order materials such as laminating film, binding wire and case binding material. In many cases, this is also the information that allows us to provide suggestions and workflow advice that can save both time and money.

Up-Front Expertise

Estimates from Eckhart & Company are provided by our own highly qualified in-house experts in key production areas. Our ability to focus our expertise in the estimating stage means your project receives the most accurate and complete quote possible. In addition, we're able to offer production tips and follow your job through the plant to ensure timely delivery.

The Eckhart Advantage

Eckhart & Company has been turning thorough estimates into quality information packaging products since 1918. Ring binders, slipcases and slantcases, pocket folders, award holders, presentation materials, and digital media packaging are just a few of our packaging capabilities. With production capacity few can match, rely on Eckhart & Company as your partner in innovative information packaging solutions