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Make Binders More Useful with Index Tabs

Ring binders have become a staple of information packaging for many businesses. They are used during sales presentations, to display product samples, and to hold a variety of information for both employees and customers. One way to make presentation and loose-leaf binders more functional and user-friendly is with the addition of index tabs.

As with the binder project, proper planning for index tabs will go a long way toward making the production of binders more efficient and less stressful. Here are a few planning tips for index tabs:

Tab sizing

Tabs are arranged in banks along the face of binders, and should vary in size depending on the number of tabs in each bank. To calculate proper tab size, subtract 1/2" from the head and foot of your loose-leaf sheet dimension (1" total) and divide the remainder by the number of tabs in each bank.

Copy placement

Tab extension copy should be placed at least 1/16" from each edge of the tab extension to ensure even placement. You may also want to nudge copy 1/32" toward the top of each tab extension. This additional margin prevents loose-leaf sheets or other inserted materials from obscuring tab extension copy.

Add strength

Make sure your index tabs hold up under the rigors of frequent use. Apply Mylar reinforcement to the binding edge and extensions of your tabs. For tab extensions only, Mylar is available in a rainbow of colors to complement your binder designs. For binding edge reinforcement, Mylar is available in clear only.

The Eckhart Advantage

Let our information packaging experts at Eckhart & Company help you design ring binders that meet your business needs. We offer a full complement of customizing services for your binder projects, including index tabs for functionality, and numerous decorating options, including screen printing, foil stamping and film laminating. Call us today for expert advice on your next information packaging project.