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Create Deal-Closing Marketing Kits

A marketing kit says a lot about a company. Impressive, branded marketing kits enhance sales presentations and can boost sales. Arm your sales force with materials that reflect the character of your business and the quality of your products and services.

Getting Started

The first step is choosing a marketing kit design that is right for your product. Custom binders make great leave-behinds for samples, material swatches and catalogs. Combine custom binders with slant/slip cases or box sets to organize multiple products. Make yours a multimedia kit by adding CD/DVD holders.

Decorating Options Marketing kits can be decorated using a variety of methods. Decorating options include screen printing, foil stamping, die cutting and embossing. For turned edge binders, cover materials include laminated paper, book cloth and imitation leather. For a high-gloss finish, consider ultraviolet (UV) coating. It really makes cover designs 'pop'. To house multimedia discs, plastic trays or sleeves can be attached to the inside covers of binders. Or disc-holding sleeves can be punched for placement on the binder's rings.

Ordering Tips Before ordering a custom marketing kit, here a few things to consider:

  • Quantity - The delivered quantity of your kits may influence some creative decisions. Some decorating choices are less cost-effective for high quantities of marketing kits. Schedule requirements - A tight schedule will affect your choice of decoration and construction options. Projects that require special arrangements, such as the dies needed for foil stamping and embossing, will often require extra time to complete.
  • Shipping details - Most kits require the insertion of disks or other materials prior to shipment. Eckhart & Co. can help with project fulfillment and drop shipping, including hand assembly and pick-and-pack services.

The Eckhart Advantage

At Eckhart & Company, we work with you to design personal organizers and planners that meet your needs and your budget. Our extensive information packaging services allow us to produce your products in-house - from the binding to the finishing services such as foil stamping. Call us today to start a personal organizer project.