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Grab Attention with Screen Printing

We talk often at Eckhart & Company about versatility, both in our range of services and in the creative freedom those services offer. Perhaps no decoration technique is more versatile than screen printing. Everything from T-shirts to surfboards can be decorated with screen printing, and it's also a great solution for ring binders, book covers and other forms of information packaging.

The Process

In the screen printing process, ink is forced through a fine mesh (the screen) onto the substrate. The ink is then cured using UV lamps, allowing products to be handled quickly. Since this process allows for varying concentrations and layers of ink, it's ideal for decorating vinyl and plastic ring binders, tote boxes, slipcases and slantcases, POP displays, pad holders and more.

From a designer's perspective, screen printing offers plenty of creative choices. Four-color screen printing is possible, and ink formulas can include pearl, glitter and other additives that make your products distinctive. The screen printing process can also be used to perform UV coating on printed material.

Artwork Requirements

Digital files must be carefully prepared for screen printing applications. A .004" trap is required for artwork requiring registration of multiple colors, as screen printing inks are thicker than those used for offset printing. Also, be sure to verify with us any halftones or areas with tight registration before submitting your files. This type of artwork can be difficult to reproduce accurately, even on the latest equipment.

The Eckhart Advantage

Top-quality screen printing requires experience and equipment, and we have both at Eckhart and Company. Our state-of-the-art Sakurai screen printing presses are backed by operators with more than 75 years of print industry experience. That combination is essential to obtain the best results from even the most demanding artwork. With a full complement of information packaging construction and decoration solutions, let Eckhart & Company help turn your ideas into reality.