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Create Durable, Attractive Dust Jackets

The books most likely to catch the eye of consumer - and maintain a longer shelf life - are those with well-designed and well-produced covers and dust jackets. Of course, the term 'dust jacket' is a bit limiting. When placed on softcover or case-bound books, dust jackets are a great way to not only protect the cover, but also increase the perceived value of the book.

Design and Construction Options

Dust jackets are formed from a single piece of material that is wrapped around the spine and both covers of the book. The ends of the jacket are then tucked inside the front and back covers to hold it securely to the book. Although dust jackets are typically created from offset-printed paper, materials such as vinyl and turned-edge substrates can also be used.

From a design standpoint, dust jackets can be more than just the 'face' of a book. They can be manufactured to include pockets on the inside front and back covers if additional materials need to be held. Pockets can be formed on both paper and vinyl covers, the latter of which are heat-sealed to ensure that pockets are sturdy enough to secure the jacket to the book and hold additional items such as brochures or CD/DVD discs.

Decoration Possibilities

There are many decoration possibilities for dust jackets. Here are a few of the popular options we can produce at Eckhart and Company:

UV coating - Printed sheets are the most common construction material used for dust jackets because they offer a wide range of decoration possibilities. Ultraviolet (UV) coating is a great way to make vibrant colors leap from the jacket, or to highlight certain images or words. At Eckhart and Company, we offer many UV coating textures and patterns, including a raised UV coating that gives dimension to the jacket surface that's similar to embossing.

Foil stamping and Embossing - If your books require the ultimate in differentiation and eye-catching appearance, foil stamping and embossing are ideal solutions for dust jacket decoration. Both can be used to augment intricate images or highlight book titles or other text. With an extensive range of available foils and nearly limitless die design potential, Eckhart and Company can help you take advantage of either of these decoration options.

The Eckhart Advantage

Whether you're designing dust jackets for maximum 'wow' effect or just looking to give your high-quality book covers a little extra protection, let Eckhart & Company help you plan them for efficient production. Keep in mind that placing the jackets on the books is even more efficient when you have us perform your mechanical binding, perfect binding or case binding as well!