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Creative Choices for Distinctive Products

Marketing kits, POP displays, multimedia packaging - even book covers and ring binders can be made more distinctive with the right combination of processes and materials. At Eckhart & Company, we offer you many different solutions to help you create information packaging that draws attention and properly represents your brand. Here are a few:

Screen Printing

In the screen-printing process, ink is forced through a fine mesh (the screen) onto the substrate. The ink is then cured using UV lamps, allowing products to be handled quickly. Since this process allows for varying concentrations and layers of ink, it's ideal for decorating vinyl and plastic ring binders, tote boxes, slipcases and slantcases, POP displays, pad holders and more.

From a designer's perspective, screen-printing offers plenty of creative choices. Four-color screen-printing is possible, and ink formulas can include pearl, glitter and other additives that make your products distinctive.

Foil Stamping & Embossing

Foil stamping and embossing can be used to augment intricate images or highlight book titles or other text. With an extensive range of available foils and nearly limitless die design potential, Eckhart & Company can help you take advantage of either of these decoration options.

Select Materials for Special Operations

If your project will require the use additional materials, such as cover wraps for case binding or ring binder applications, vinyl for information packaging or binders, foil for stamping and film for laminating, they will need to be selected during the estimating stage. Although Eckhart & Company stocks a wide selection of these and other materials, special requests may need to be ordered in advance of your production date.

UV Coating - Ultraviolet (UV) coating gives pieces a high-gloss finish that makes images 'pop' off the product surface. UV coating can be applied as either a flood or spot coating, making it useful for both highlighting particular areas of a piece and offering protection. A flexible method of decoration, UV coating is available in several tinted and textured varieties. At Eckhart & Co., we can even apply glow-in-the-dark and raised UV coating, which gives the appearance of embossing without the use of dies.

The Eckhart Advantage

Let Eckhart & Company help you design an attractive, custom-manufactured packaging project that meets your every need. Our turned-edge and flush-cut manufacturing processes give you the freedom to choose among many substrates, including board, vinyl, polyethylene, polypropylene and more. Contact the planning experts at Eckhart & Co. today and let us help you create the best project possible.