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Digital Media Packaging

Due to their versatility, CDs and DVDs are becoming the digital media of choice for all types of companies and organizations. Keep in mind that the packaging that houses a digital media presentation is often as important as the information on the discs. Here are a few popular digital media packaging solutions:

Foam or Vacuum-Formed Trays: CDs and DVDs are made from thin plastic that can be rendered worthless if scratched or subjected to water or heat. For this reason, discs need to be protected as well as displayed. In this type of package, a foam 'button' holds the disc in place, similar to traditional jewel case holders. Vacuum-formed trays are made of plastic and can be designed to hold individual or multiple discs.

Ring Binders: For digital media collections that need to be packaged with catalogs, journals or loose-leaf sheets, a ring binder is an attractive, customizable solution. Ring binders are available in a variety of cover materials and can be decorated in dozens of ways. Digital media discs can be contained in trays or sleeves attached to the inside covers, or can be slipped into disc holders that are punched for placement on the rings themselves.

The Eckhart Advantage

Regardless of the format of your media, Eckhart & Company can help you design and efficiently produce an attractive packaging solution. In addition to digital medial holders, look to us for slipcases and slantcases, disc mailers, VHS and cassette tape holders and a host of other possibilities. Contact us today to get started delivering your next packaging solution.