Crossover Planning for Perfect Binding

Crossover Perfect Bound Books

Crossover elements - any image or text that spans the spine of a book from one page to another - are a popular design element in perfect-bound books. When planned and produced effectively, crossovers are both visually appealing and functional. Let's take a look at how crossovers are brought to life:

Extending Images

There are many types of book users - some open the book as wide as possible, breaking the spine, others open books gently with an eye on the product's longevity. Fortunately, most users fall somewhere in between. The challenge for perfect-bound book manufacturers is planning for all of them.

Crossover images should neither overlap nor appear to duplicate the image on either side, but appear to meet perfectly at the spine. To achieve this, extend images by 1/8" on both sides into the book gutter. This is the same distance of the grind-off during the signature production cycle, so properly planned crossovers should line up when the book is opened.

Planning tip: In general, diagonal lines are among the toughest crossover elements to line up visually, so use them sparingly. Other difficult crossover elements include intricate images such as maps, very thin rules (1/4 pt. or thinner), and words that crossover in the middle of a letter rather than between two letters.

Production tip: Proper folding for crossover images can be complicated, even if all the crossover images are within the same signature. To avoid complications and the inevitable finger-pointing that follows, hand responsibility for folding your signatures to the bindery. This allows your finisher the ability to control the process for maximum efficiency and quality.

The Eckhart Advantage

At Eckhart & Company, we offer a complete range of bookbinding solutions. In addition to high-speed perfect binding, look to us for automatic Wire-O binding, plastic coil, spiral wire and plastic comb binding capabilities. Consult with the experts at Eckhart & Company for helpful planning suggestions and high-quality production.