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Get Plenty of Options with Cased-in Wire-O

For publishing projects that require a durable cover and user-friendly design features, cased-in Wire-O offers the best of both worlds. The layflat capabilities of Wire-O binding can be augmented with index tabs, foldouts, and a mix of stocks to meet any design or usage needs. A custom-designed hardcover case gives the finished product ample protection and distinctive appearance that's ideal for high-value applications.

With our combined Wire-O binding and casemaking capabilities, you have endless design, construction and decoration choices for your cased-in Wire-O books.

Popular cased-in Wire-O products include cookbooks, journals, instructional guides, promotional materials, educational books and more. Here are a few tips for creating great looking books with trouble-free production:

Glued or Inserted? - In the case binding process, the Wire-O bound book block is often attached to the case by gluing the first and last leaves to the inside covers of the case. However, if the useful lifespan of the case is longer than that of the book block, consider an alternative design in which pockets are formed on the inside covers of the case. This allows the book block to be easily inserted and removed from the case.

Wire-O Elements - Wire-O binding elements are available in a rainbow of colors and in sizes up to 1" loop diameter. For exact color matching, PMS-matched wire colors might also available. Contact Eckhart and Co. early to determine availability of elements.

Case Cover Options - Increase the attractiveness of your cased-in books by choosing from multiple cover material and decorative options. Cases can be covered with cloth, imitation leather, or offset-printed and film-laminated paper. Decorative options include foil stamping, embossing, UV coating and more. With this range of services available to you, design, construction and decoration possibilities are nearly endless for your cases.

The Eckhart Advantage

At Eckhart & Company, creating cased-in Wire-O books is one of our specialties. In most cases our inventory already includes all the binding elements and cover materials you need for your cased-in Wire-O book. Call our binding experts today for planning help with your next project.