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Calendar Binding Options

An effective calendar places your logo and company message in front of your most important customers all year long. Choosing the right calendar style for your company often depends upon your clientele. If the bulk of your customers are sharing space, a wall calendar is ideal because multiple decision-makers at your target company can see it easily. If your contacts are frequently on the road, a hand-held pocket or desk calendar can be useful. Regardless of the design and format, Eckhart & Company can help you choose the best binding style and include additional features such as foldouts or multiple stocks. Here are a few popular styles to consider:

Wall Calendars

The promo - A standard mechanically-bound calendar can be made into an effective promotional tool by including an oversized back cover that extends beneath the other sheets. This extension can include advertising or other promotional copy, highlighting a message year-round.

Three-panel - Who says calendars can display only one page at a time? Three-panel calendar designs include mechanical binding elements on both the head and foot of the middle panel, allowing three months to be displayed at a glance and creating a striking presence on any wall.

Desk Calendars

Appointment books - Ideal for customers on the go, daily, weekly or monthly appointment books are available in a wide range of sizes and binding styles. At Eckhart & Company, we can produce case-bound appointment books using either mechanically-bound or perfect-bound book blocks. We can even form pockets on the inside covers, allowing users to retain the sturdy cases and refill them each year.

Table tents - A mechanically-bound desk calendar with a self-easel cover stands on its own and allows both a calendar and promotional message to be displayed simultaneously. We can help you design your easel covers to take advantage of efficient automated Wire-O, plastic spiral or spiral wire binding production.

The Eckhart Advantage

Great calendars are the result of creative design and careful preparation. At Eckhart & Company, our automated mechanical binding and perfect binding capabilities ensure fast turnarounds on all calendar run lengths. Our case-making, foil stamping, die cutting, embossing and other finishing and information packaging capabilities round out our calendar manufacturing services. Remember, autumn is the perfect time to begin production on next year's calendars!