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Mechanical Binding Offers Versatility

Mechanical binding is a versatile binding solution that is compatible with multiple design features. Choose from several binding styles to give your projects an attractive appearance, added functionality and layflat capability.

Mechanical Binding Styles

Plastic spiral - A durable mechanical binding solution, plastic spiral elements can be crushed and bent, but bounce back into shape. Plastic spiral binding offers a lay-flat design and a 360-degree opening radius. This solution is ideal for media guides and instruction manuals.

Plastic comb - This binding style works great for crossover charts, images, maps and other products. Because the pages do not "step up" when opened, text sheets meet evenly at the head and foot for accurate crossovers. Plastic comb allows for spine printing, making this a popular option for textbooks, cookbooks and other products destined for retail display.

Wire-O - This classic mechanical binding solution is the most commonly used style among publishers. The double-wire binding is attractive on wall and desk calendars, directories and manuals. Wire-O books lay flat and open 360 degrees.

Spiral wire - Similar to plastic spiral binding, spiral wire uses metal binding elements. This option is best when book requirements include layflat capabilities, durable construction, a traditional look, plenty of design options and compatibility with mixed stocks. Coil diameters are available up to 2".

Design Tips

Add tabs, foldouts and mixed stocks to give your mechanical binding projects added appeal. Choose from an assortment of cover materials, ranging from thick paper and board to plastic and more. Use foil stamping and die cutting to create unique, attention-grabbing covers.

The Eckhart Advantage

Our newest addition, a Kugler Womako mechanical binding line, offers automated, efficient production of Wire-O and plastic spiral binding projects. Combined with the rest of our mechanical binding production capabilities, we offer fast turnarounds on all project quantities. Call Eckhart & Co. today for worry-free production of your next mechanical binding project.