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The All-Pro of Mechanical Binding

When it comes to a binding style that fits the description of being the star of mechanical book binding, Wire-O is the only selection. In fact, it could be called the Peyton Manning of mechanical binding.

Wire-O gives books, calendars, cookbooks, instruction manuals and other products a classic, handsome look. Like other mechanical binding styles, it allows books to lay flat, but with the advantage of not 'stepping up' when doing so. Also, Wire-O is unmatched in its acceptance of design features, including index tabs, foldouts, multiple stocks, undersized sheets and more.

At Eckhart & Company, we offer you one more advantage for Wire-O production: Affordability for long or short runs. Here are a few planning tips to help you get the most of Wire-O binding:

Build a Dummy - Supplying your finisher with a bulking dummy or a mock-up of the finished piece ensures efficient production. With a bulking dummy, your post press provider can measure margins, copy and punched hole placement, final trim size, tab placement and book bulk. It also gives us the ability to make suggestions that can enhance your final product.

Avoid Punching Into Type - To avoid losing text and images into the holes necessary for Wire-O binding, maintain consistent margins from the spine edge. For books using 3:1 wire (three holes per linear inch), leave a margin of at least 3/8" from the spine edge. For books using 2:1 wire, maintain a margin of 1/2".

Design Tip: If the product is intended for retail display, consider semi- or fully-concealed covers, which offer extra room for copy and create a printable spine.

The Eckhart Advantage

At Eckhart & Company, we have recently bolstered our short- and medium-run Wire-O production with the addition of a fully automated Kugler Womako binder. This machine can also be used for plastic coil binding, and is just the latest improvement to our complete range of mechanical binding capabilities. In conjunction with our perfect binding, information packaging and print finishing capabilities, we allow you to do more with Wire-O binding than you thought possible. Call us today to put our capabilities to work for you.