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Locate It with Index Tabs

Don't make end users play hide and seek by hunting for information in their materials. Suggest they include index tabs in their manuals, catalogs, directories, date planners and similar products. Regardless of the binding style, Eckhart and Company can design and create effective index tabs. Loose-leaf materials also benefit from tabs, as they allow material to remain organized no matter how much is inserted or removed.

Tab production for all products is efficient at Eckhart and Company; here are a few simple planning steps to keep in mind:

To fold or not to fold

When planning to include index tabs in a project, keep in mind that different binding styles require different treatment of the tabs. Tabs designed for inclusion in either a ring binder or mechanically-bound book are relatively simple to produce. Tab sheets are cut automatically using specialized equipment, then automatically collated with the rest of the text sheets.

Index tabs that will be placed in saddle-stitched or perfect bound books are designed differently. Typically, a face trim is performed after tabs are inserted; in this workflow, tabs should be designed to fold inwards prior to binding. Once the books are bound and trimmed, the tabs can be unfolded by the end-user. If you choose to use unfolded tabs, they will be inserted after a face trim is performed.

Add strength

At Eckhart and Company, we can also Mylar reinforce your tabs in a variety of colors to help them last as long as the rest of the book. The Mylar coating reinforces the tab itself and can also be applied to the spine edge to ensure your product's durability.

Planning Tip - Stagger folded tabs

If your books require folded tabs, the positions of the folds must be staggered to prevent a buildup at one spot in the book when stacked. This buildup can damage book covers when books are shipped. The exact stagger will vary according to stock weights and number of tabs included in the book, so let Eckhart and Company help with the planning of this important step.

The Eckhart Advantage

At Eckhart and Company, we can incorporate index tabs into any mechanically-bound or loose-leaf project. Our "under-one-roof" production capabilities allow you to consolidate the binding, tab production, collating and all related processes in house. We can also create the ring binder, disc holder or other loose-leaf binder into which your tabs will be inserted. Give us a call to see how we can help you improve your next project with index tabs.