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Why Choose? Take Advantage of Split Run Binding

The right binding solution is vital to the functionality and appeal of any book. So what do you do when one job could benefit from two different binding styles? A split binding run is one viable solution - if you have a post press partner with the right capabilities. At Eckhart & Company, our combination of automatic mechanical binding and adhesive binding services make quick work of split binding projects. Here are a few tips to get you started:

Considerations for both styles

If planned carefully a single layout can be used for both styles. Trim margins of 1/8" at the head, foot and face are fine for both binding styles. As for the spine, copy should be positioned to accommodate the appropriate mechanical binding style. For example, Wire-O books using 3:1 wire will require a punching margin of 3/8". Since the grind-off on perfect-bound signatures is typically 1/8", that 3/8"` margin will be fine for both binding styles.

Exceptions to Split Run Binding

While two-page forms are fine for mechanical binding, they can pose problems for binding strength and book quality when placed at either the front or back of a perfect-bound book. If your project will incorporate index tabs, they will likely need to be designed separately for each binding style. Eckhart & Co. can help you plan your split binding run accordingly to take advantage of the capabilities and efficiencies of each binding style.

The Eckhart Advantage

At Eckhart & Company, we can help you choose the binding solution that best meets your project's needs. Combined with our high-speed perfect binding, automatic Wire-O binding, plastic coil, spiral wire and plastic comb binding capabilities, we offer you end-to-end book production solutions. Consult with the experts at Eckhart & Company for helpful planning suggestions and high-quality production.