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Use Mock-Ups to Aid Planning

We discuss project planning every day with our customers at Eckhart & Company, and in almost every discussion we stress the importance of using a project mock-up or prototype. Even relatively simple book binding projects involve the exchange of many details between the customer, the printer and us. To be sure all of those details have been properly communicated, we will often produce a pre-production prototype of the project. Here are some of the advantages of conducting all project planning with a prototype in hand:

Removes Guesswork - Many aspects of a bound book are difficult to visualize on a computer screen. A customized prototype takes the guesswork out of the design of the piece by allowing you to spot problems and find solutions. On a Wire-O book with a wraparound cover, for example, a pre-production prototype allows you to see exactly how the cover wraps around the binding elements. This is just one of many small details that can only be properly inspected using a physical sample.

Maintains Project Integrity - An innovative design is only effective if it can be efficiently produced. When a customer comes to us with a unique vision for a project, we strive to give them a prototype that matches that vision as closely as possible. They can in turn present this sample to their client as a tangible representation of their design. Very often, that can be the difference our customers need in winning a lucrative project.

Tightens Communication - Project details often pass through many hands during the design and planning stage. That can lead to communication breakdowns when intricate technical details go from finisher to printer, from printer to agency and from agency to client. A pre-production prototype ensures that all details have been properly communicated and allows everyone involved with the project to be on the same page, so to speak.

The Eckhart Advantage

At Eckhart & Company, we perform a complete range of bookbinding and ancillary services on a daily basis. Our experience working with a variety of cover materials and our extensive production capabilities allow us to turn your book designs into reality quickly and efficiently. Give us a call and let us know how we can handle your next distinctive bookbinding project.