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Plastic Comb Binding

For durability and functionality, plastic comb binding is a good option. Plastic comb binding, also called GBC binding, uses a single binding element (the comb) to hold sheets together. Binding combs are available in a wide range of colors and capacities, and like other mechanical binding styles, plastic comb binding allows books to lay flat when open.

There are three main advantages to plastic comb binding. Let's take a look:

No step - Plastic comb binding products do not 'step up,' when laying flat, as some mechanical binding styles do. This means the opened pages meet evenly at the head and foot, and line up perfectly down the spine, so tables, charts and crossover images won't be misaligned.

Lock it up - Larger diameter plastic combs have a locking mechanism. In addition to improving the strength and durability of the books, these locking mechanisms can allow sheets to be added and removed.

Spine Printing - Unlike other mechanical binding styles, printing can be applied directly to the spine. This allows your books to be easily identified with text, small images and company logos.

The Eckhart Advantage

Plastic comb binding from Eckhart & Company is available in a rainbow of colors, including PMS matched colors, to complement your designs, company logo or book design. With semi-automatic and manual production lines, we're ready for any run length. Contact Eckhart & Company to get started delivering your next mechanical binding project!