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Unsung Heroes of Bookbinding: Shrink Wrapping, Drilling and Round Cornering

The advantages of mechanical binding, perfect binding and casebinding are well-documented. However, there are many complementary services that are often overlooked, yet equally important to the success of a project. Here are a few "Unsung Heroes" of the bindery that are due for acknowledgement:

Shrink Wrapping - Regardless of how carefully your finished products are packed and shipped, damage can still occur if they aren't properly protected. Depending upon your packing and shipping requirements, shrink wrapping may be your best option to guard against transit marking, scuffing and scratching. Shrink wrapping can be performed on individual pieces or product sets to meet your fulfillment needs.

Drilling - Essential to loose leaf and mechanical binding projects, drilling is simply the process of boring a hole through a lift of signatures or sheets. A paper drill outfitted with a hollow, cylindrical bit rotates through the stock, creating circular holes with precision. The advanced machinery at Eckhart & Company allows us to drill through large quantities of material quickly, making production efficient.

Round Cornering - A decorative touch that can make bookbinding projects of all types more eye-catching and appealing, round cornering is exactly what it sounds like: cutting the corners of your projects in a smooth, rounded shape. The result is a handsome piece with a very unique feel.

The Eckhart Advantage

At Eckhart & Company, our Unsung Heroes are an important part of a complete, efficient production process. These services are just three examples of the many capabilities Eckhart & Company offers you. Give us a call and let us help you plan your project for efficient production today.