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Popular Material Choices for Ring Binders

Ring binders are used to hold much more than paper. CD and DVD discs and other forms of electronic media, product samples and printed materials such as brochures and booklets all find their way into ring binders of all shapes, sizes and configurations.

With such a broad range of ring binder uses and end users, it's important to have an equally broad range of decoration and construction material choices. Eckhart & Company specializes in custom ring binder production; here are a few popular materials and how they're best used:

Cover Styles

Polyethylene is a strong and durable semi-rigid plastic that's perfect for industrial worksites and workshops. Long-lasting and resilient, polyethylene wears well in even the harshest environments.

Vinyl binders are made up of vinyl sheeting that is heat-sealed around a piece of chipboard or plastic. Heat-sealed vinyl is used as a construction material and sometimes as a decoration material for ring binders. Custom components such as pockets, disc trays and other attachments make vinyl binders as versatile as they are attractive.

Turned Edge binders utilize a cover material that's glued to a board and turned over the the edge of the board. A separate material is then applied to the inside covers as a liner. Turned-edge binder wraps include printed and laminated paper, book cloth and other materials, including imitation leather.

Turned Edge Wraps and Decorative Options

Printed paper - Paper is a popular decoration material for turned-edge ring binders. Offset- or screen-printed paper can be foil stamped, embossed, debossed, die cut and UV coated and film laminated for added decoration and durability. Digitally-printed paper wraps allow you to customize each binder for added impact and value.

Synthetic paper - Some products require the look of paper, but with better strength and durability. Synthetic papers such as Tyvek or Yupo offer the best of both worlds, and are ideal for ring binder applications where grease and water are prevalent.

Book cloth - Book cloth is an ideal wrap for ring binders requiring an understated, sophisticated look. There are dozens of book cloth varieties available in a rainbow of colors, coated and uncoated finishes and a range of patterns such as imitation leather grain.

Heat-sealed vinyl - Vinyl is applied around board or other support substrate and heat-sealed to encapsulate it. Vinyl can be screen-printed, off-set printed, foil stamped, debossed or UV coated to make your text and images come alive.

The Eckhart Advantage

At Eckhart & Company, we can perform complete production of your customized ring binders in-house. In addition to turned-edge, vinyl and polyethylene construction, our screen printing, die cutting, foil stamping, embossing and index tabbing capabilities give you limitless decorative freedom. Even better, production is economical for quantities ranging from under 100 to the hundreds of thousands. When you need a truly customized ring binder solution, give the experts at Eckhart & Company a call.